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How complicated! I have almost never written anything about me directly, perhaps because of the fear of sounding a bit selfish.

I was born on Tuesday, February 10, 1987. Part of my childhood was spent in Chihuahua, Monterrey and Mexico City. The president of Mexico was Miguel de la Madrid, and Ronald Reagan the one in United States. In that special week of February people listened to Livin ‘On A Prayer for Bon Jovi or Living without you for U2. Although the Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop Boys, etc. were also part of the successes. The last Emperor directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, was the film that won the Oscar Academy, while Windmills Of The Gods by Sidney Sheldon was one of the best selling books.

I studied International Business Management at Universidad Panamericana, my way of being and thinking principal soul and teacher; of course after the education of my parents. Subsequently, I completed a specialization in Human Capital Management and a Master in Project Management at the same university, whose mission I must emphasize, is to educate people who seek the truth and commit themselves to it, promoting Christian humanism that contributes to build a better world.

I started my professional career in 2009 at Avon Cosmetic’s, a company that gave me the opportunity to fall in love with the Human Resources area and understand the great significance that training, advice and a strategic vision of the business can give to the human being.

Later, I formed part of my development at PepsiCo Alimentos México; I started in Monterrey as Rookie or trainee of a great director who shared with me his vision and the great work of helping others. I do not want to be presumptuous but I had the privilege of growing very fast and learning from my teachers in a short time. In less than 7 years I had 8 responsibilities in different parts of the Mexican Republic such as HR Head in the production plants of Gamesa, Sabritas, Quaker and Sonric’s, I negotiated with 9 union leaders, I had over 5,000 people under my management and I developed projects in the areas of Engineering, Quality, Safety, Supplies, Agro, Productivity, Manufacturing, Customer Service, Traffic and Transportation. There is no doubt that what I learned most in this wonderful experience is that there is no bigger power than the humility of people, most of the time a person who lives with 5 dollars per day will teach you much more than one who has everything , trust me…

Halfway through my PepsiCo experience I had one of the biggest challenges of my professional career, starting to get involved in the family business, a challenge. My father Sergio Torres Loya and my grandfather Jesús Rubén Torres Nuñez have been part of the best group of railway engineers in Mexico. Both forged a career of success through their leadership, passion and commitment to their ideals and I could not be more proud of what I am to have shared great moments with my two teachers. TORRES International Business Representatives arises from that great vision and love for the medium of steel giants.

Just a little after having started in the railway business, there is an incredible opportunity to share shoulder to shoulder the start of a new company: “Addessimo”. Dream that emerged from a wonderful meeting at the University with the love of my life, my husband and now father of my three children: Carlos Alberto Dominici.

Addessimo was formed in 2011 as the most adaptable and ethical property company that can exist. Its ideals and foundations are based on the transparency and trust of its clients and its mission is to generate economic and social value from its first approach. The rent of virtual spaces and offices are part of its multiple services.

Fortunately, I have been credited with several recognitions, for having created projects for the development of talent in organizations, but I must admit that nothing compares to the enormous satisfaction of getting people to grow and develop. One of my goals in life is to leave a mark on all the people with whom I realte and fortunately I have been able to achieve it.

I am currently in the best stage of my life, because I am a businesswoman who seeks to transform every day and the passion for doing good is the blood that nourishes and runs through my veins since I woke up. I am the Mother of three incredible children; lecturer, trainer and author of some blogs, where I talk mainly about the importance of Human Resources in organizations.

I enjoy books, movies, social networks and sports entertainment. I love soccer, passion that joined my husband Carlos and me since we met, of course we have different teams, but that makes it much more entertaining at the time when both face each other.

In addition to soccer and business life, Carlos has been allways the source of my inspiration, his eclectic vision, his way of seeing things and many others, are part of my stamp as a professional and as a human being. Thanks Cuore, I love you!

Are you interested in knowing more about me? I invite you to take a look at my professional profile, I’m sure it will help you better understand everything I can do for you.


Mayra Torres de Dominici


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