Human Resources Planning

To be able to talk about planning you need to ask three basic questions:

a) How much staff will the organization need?
b) What are the growth trends of the company?
c) What profiles does the company look for according to its values ​​and strategy?

In order to answer these questions it is very important to make the following statements:

a) Inventory of Human Resources: It is the systemic record of the personnel and should have: Bibliographic data, work trajectory, number of positions and their period, languages, competencies, performance evaluation and promotions.

b) Trends in the growth of the company: Projects of expansion or decrease of personnel, diversification of the portfolio of products or services, mergers, etc.

c) Job profile: Necessary skills, job design and job analysis.


What is the process within the Human Resources administration more widespread in companies today?

1.- Planning of Human Resources
2.- Recruitment/Staffing
3.- Selection
4.- Socialization/Onboarding
5.- Organizational Performance Evaluation Process
6.- Training
7.- Promotions, transfers or layoffs


Mayra D´Dominici

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